Philly has a large community of skilled Latino cooks that due the COVID-19 crisis are without work and in most cases, unable to collect unemployment benefits. Help us support the economic needs of the skilled community of Latinx and their families by purchasing a weekly dose of delicious tamales.

How it works: Each week we host different cooks and each week we have a different menu.  100% of the proceeds from the sales goes directly to the cooks making the tamales on any given week. We are using fresh masa nixtamalized and milled by our friends at Cadence Restaurant. This project is spearheaded and managed by chef Ana Caballero.


*Tamales must be purchased separately from other Lost Bread items*

SUNDAY, August 2nd from the following locations:

Lost Bread Co, 1313 N Howard from 12pm-4pm

Kalaya, 764 S 9th St from 12pm-4pm

Jezebel's Cafe - 206 S 45th St from 11am-2pm

WEEK 17:

Although life these days seems alarmingly upside down, let us remember that some things have always been this way, and are more beautiful for it.

This week we have a Guatemalteca and a Poblana wrapping tamales with Lancaster grown banana leaves. Mari and Flor are from the Baja Verapaz region in Guatemala and Zaragoza Puebla respectively. This week's menu will have influences from both places, including a Guatemalan version of chocolate mole sauce. The banana leaves are coming from plants Ian from Green Meadow has had in his green house for the past 20 years.

To another week of melting pot menus

Best, Ana 

WANT TO DONATE? Venmo your contribution to @Proyecto-Tamal.